CEOSho Yamada

Sho Yamada<

Joined Adways in 2007 as a new grad, where he served as product manager of the PC affiliate service "JANet" in 2009. Subsequently, he launched CPI adnetwork "Appdriver" and a number of new business. Appointed a general manager of new business development in October 2012, Appointed Executive Officer of New Business in April 2014 and got promoted to Senior Executive officer in January 2016. After taking on the roles of Director in June 2020, he was appointed CEO in July 2021.

Director and ChairmanHaruhisa Okamura

Haruhisa Okamura

Founder of Adways Group.
Okamura established Adways Agency (Former Adways Inc.) in 2000 and he established Adways Inc. in 2001.
He served as the company's CEO since its founding in 2001, he was appointed Director and Chairman in July 2021.

DirectorNobuyoshi Noda

Nobuyoshi Noda

Joined Adways in 2006 after 5 years of global marketing experiences at Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.
Noda engaged in mobile ad business and became the manager in 2009. In 2011, he became an Executive officer.
Since 2013, Noda has served as a Director.

DirectorShingo Kano

Sho Yamada<

Joined Adways in 2007 as a new grad. In 2010, Kano became Division Manager of Internet Ad Business. In 2013, he became Executive Officer of Internet Advertising. In 2015, Kano became in charge of global marketing, and in 2016, became Senior Executive Officer serving also as Director of overseas subsidiaries. In 2018, he became in charge of management strategy in Adways group.
Since June 2019, Kano has served as Director.

Executive Officers

Senior Executive officer of
Influencer Business
Akihiko Nishioka

Akihiko Nishioka

Joined Adways in 2003 as a new grad. Launched mobile affiliate service Smart-C in and developed it into the No. 1 mobile affiliate service in Japan in term of Gross Sales.
Nishioka was appointed as General manager of Corporate Management in 2006, Executive Officer in 2008, Director in 2010, and also serves as CEO of Brasta Inc.
Since March 2022, Nishioka serves as a Senior Executive Officer of Influencer business.

Senior Executive officer of
Corporate Management
Yoichi Tanaka

Yoichi Tanaka

Joined Adways in 2006. Took the lead in capital policy and M&A.
Became a General manager of Corporate Management in 2008.
In 2009, he became an executive offcer of corporate management.
Since 2011, Tanaka manages finance, accounting, IR and general affairs as a Serior Executive officer of Corporate Management.

Senior Executive officer of
Japan Advertisement Business
Yuta Nakayama

Sean Lee

Joined Adways in 2010 as a new grad and became in charge of PC affiliate service JANet. Launched App & Web business department and became a manager in 2013. In 2017, he became a General manager of the domestic advertising business and in 2018, serves as Executive Officer.
Since January 1st, 2021, Nakayama was appointed as Senior Executive Officer, remains committed to leading the domestic advertising business.

Executive officer of
Japan Advertisement Business
Hiroki Saito

Saito Hiroki

Joined Adways in 2007 and became in charge of PC affiliate service JANet. In 2014, Saito became a manager of Internet advertising division. In 2019, became a General manager of Domestic advertising business and also became as Director of preheat Inc.
Since July 2022, Saito was appointed as executive officer of Domestic advertising business.