Full Automated Marketing Platform for mobile apps. In RTB process with SSP, UNICORN can predict and evaluate the value of impression and automatically bids with optimal price for each campaign on UNICORN.


CPI based mobile ad platform that provides powerful user acquisition and monetization to app developers.


A comprehensive management platform for performance ads such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. STROBELIGHTS provides total solutions through both advanced technologies and detailed analysis by professionals.


Native ad platform for smart phones. Oct-pass supports content marketing and ad monetization.


Web affiliate service for feature phones and smart phones. Smart-C offers a performance-based pricing model.


Web affiliate service for PC and smart phones. JANet offers a performance-based pricing model.


"YACLE" is the supporting service which provides the appropriate advertisement expressions that comply with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.


Dobel is a service that generates large number of video advertisement creatives while evaluating the effectiveness, which realizes the speedy PDCA cycle. This optimization enables cost effective advertisement campaigns.


MASSIVE is a service that realizes automated mass production of banner creatives, enabling high-speed PDCA and operation optimization. Swift operation of creatives and accurate targeting optimize the performance based advertisement.


Keyword ad service for Chinese web serach engines such as Baidu, 360 and QQ. Keynet creates keywords and ad copy based on local trends in China.

Blue Bee Box

China's first-ever DSP trading desk tool. Blue Bee Box supports the use of various DSPs and enables advertisers to plan, serve and analyze ads effectively.

Blue Bee Native

CPM based ad network specialized for native ads with rich creative capability. Blue Bee Native provides effective branding, user acquisition and sales promotion to advertisers.


Ad analytics tool for PC, feature phone and smart phone websites. adna analyzes adnetwork, affiliate ads, listing ads and pure ads.


Reward ad service for PC and mobile. Campaign ads shown on Rewardplus are delivered from JANet and Smart-C.


Yoyaku Top10

Pre-registration platform for smart phone apps. It is a great solution reaching out to game enthusiasts before game launch.


Online media that delivers truly reliable going out and sightseeing information based on writers’ experiences and interviews.



Adways Creative team delivers a new value from the Client's Perspective. We provide customers to show what value the team has created in the past, what kind of values they have currently including member introduction.